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3 Absolutely Vital Reasons to Start Building Your Personal Brand Now!

Branding is a HUGE part of successfully building your network marketing business online.

In fact, if you’re using the Internet to prospect and recruit, it all starts with your brand.

We work with partners all the time who are nervous about starting their own Facebook fan page.

 We get it.....

Less than a year ago, we started our fan page (just like everyone else) with an audience of zero—zero!—and it can feel defeating at first.

But hang in there, because your brand helps your audience get to know you, your voice, and how you operate—what you’re all about and stand for.

This is essential for building trust (which directly leads to new prospects and recruits).

What did we do to brand ourselves?

Well, we branded ourselves as being experts in network marketing, but we initially had some hangups over this label.

Look, you don’t need to make a million dollars to be an expert in something, you need to understand this.

That was one of the things holding us back for a really long time.

We had to work through our “mindset” to get over the fact that you don’t need to make a million dollars a year (or whatever) to be an expert in something.

No matter who you are, you can teach someone else; you can offer value.

So don’t let limiting beliefs get in your way.

Here are the 3 reasons why you should start building your brand today!

When we created a brand, we began improving our recognition.

Our Facebook Fan page is called Build Your Business without Limits.

This was entirely based on what we wanted to do for our online community - help them build an unlimited business.

How to create recognition

Here's a great example shared by a mentor, Julie Burke :

She had been in network marketing for a little over four years and was using her personal Facebook page in the beginning.

Before she had her fan page, she started branding herself as just being a mom—a mom who was really into healthy eating and healthy living for her children.

Her company was in the health and wellness niche and she was very into yoga, training, and just being healthy.

The tips she was providing on her personal page branded her as a “crazy mom,” somebody who wanted to have a healthy family and raise healthy children.

Obviously, you don’t have to build your brand using a Facebook fan page, but we're big supporters of fan pages (no pun intended) because you can actually target (and exponentially grow) your audience using paid ads or boosted posts.

Brand recognition comes as you keep providing value to your audience.

It’s simply a concept or idea you become associated with.

You’ve got to find your angle too, because you’re not branding your company or your product, you’re branding YOU.

How do you create trust with your brand?

Well, depending on how long you’ve been following us, you might feel like you already know us (even if we haven’t met yet).

But we have an opportunity to build a relationship and get to know one another online.

And what you’ll notice when you put yourself out there is that people will truly feel they know you on a certain level before you’ve ever spoken one-on-one.

It’s really pretty amazing and I absolutely love it.

This builds tremendous trust and confidence.

When people get to know and trust you, they’re going to follow your recommendations.

Here’s an example:

A colleague of mine bought a new vacuum and posted a picture of her husband holding it and said that this was the best vacuum ever.

It was so funny, because this simple post had 16 people go out and purchase the vacuum, and take pictures with it and tag her or send her a private message.

Branding builds such relationships.

Once you build recognition and trust, your brand will bring you customers

Does this apply to any business?

Of course !!

Maybe you sell makeup.

So do makeup tutorials and show off your favorite stuff.

You’re not plugging your company, you’re just showing people how to do something, or teaching them something new about how they can improve their skincare.

Or maybe it’s travel on a budget, or how to use a certain type of oil.

Maybe people don’t realize there’s all these different ways you can use this one oil.

Obviously, you’ve got to base these tutorials around whatever your company’s product is.

Maybe you work in health and wellness, and your product is shakes and there’s several different ways you can make the shakes or protein balls, so you can share a recipe or demonstration.

Break out of your shell!

Branding is huge when you’re branding yourself by offering value.

We’d always heard people, like our mentors, say branding is super important.

But it wasn’t until we actually took the information and applied it that we said, “Okay, now we get what you’re talking about, now we understand the value of branding.”

So, there you have it—why you want a brand and our tips on branding.

We say it all the time…

Just do you, be you, be who you are, and people will follow you for that.

Don’t try to emulate anyone else (because you can’t); you have to have your own voice.

Now go out there and be yourself!

And if you found this post valuable, please share it with your team.

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Thanks to Julie Burke for her insights shared in this piece.

Cheers to your success!

Pat & Tina

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