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Best way to breathe life into a “dead” warm market

Thanks to Vitaly Grinblat for the original post.

Is your warm market completely exhausted... or... doesn't respond to you anymore?

First let me quickly tell you about the double-edged sword of warm market recruiting.

On the surface, the idea of going after people you know makes perfect sense. You have an existing relationship with the folks you know, which means you can pick up a phone and call them, text them or hit them up on Facebook and they'll actually listen to you, because they know who you are.

This is a biggie. And it's been the driving force behind the entire network marketing industry for decades.


For most people that's where it stops, because there's a flip side to this coin...

Just because you can get your friend to hear you out, doesn't make them a great prospect for your business. They may not have the same entrepreneurial drive as you do. (Most don't). They may not have the same desire and ambition to get out of the 9 to 5 rat race; to create freedom in their life.

Which is why more often than not, your message falls on deaf ears, making you frustrated and disappointed, because they just "don't see it."

So here's a simple solution, which for some reason doesn't seem so obvious to most people.

How about you go and get a NEW warm market.

Create an audience of people who already HAVE the traits you're looking for.

That entrepreneurial drive, determination, yearning to get more out of life, an open mind to look at a different opportunity and the eagerness to pick up new skills.

And most important of all... Someone who doesn't have to be convinced about any of the above.

And while these people are far and few between, still, there are millions of them. Yet you only need a handful to build your home business empire.

Inside Attraction Marketing Formula you'll discover how to find them and tap into that perfect audience.

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