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Beware of “shiny” objects

I first learnt of the term "shiny objects" via my mentor, Tim Erway (if you haven't heard of Tim and his great work in the industry, well you need to do some catching up...).

It simply refers to the several seemingly "bright" distractions which every serious Entrepreneur faces practically daily in the process of building their business. This is especially rife in recent times with the advent of Social Media and video hosting sites for example YouTube and Vimeo. These "shiny" objects are on the surface meant to point you in the direction of ultimately achieving success in your business whether that means financial security, more time with the kids, getting rid of an unpleasant dead-end job, having the means to travel the world etc.

However, my experience is that without asking some critical questions, you might be running down a road which will lead to several hundreds or thousands of lost dollars but even more worryingly - a path which will distract you from engaging in the key activities necessary for growing your business. These few tips come at no personal cost to you and I hope will keep you focused on what truly matters:

1. Is there a proven system that surrounds this concept? 

This is a vital question as "success typically leaves a trail". If the concept being pitched is not part of a proven system, then how can it be duplicated or scaled up? If it is part of a system, where are the success stories to prove its effectiveness? Engage in proper due diligence along these lines before diving head-long into the abyss.

2. Can I apply this strategy globally or at least in multiple countries?

With the internet and social media, almost anyone can target a global market place with products or services of value. Whatever strategy or concept being sold has to be able to "perform" with the help of the internet or social media to drive its reach and indeed your business growth. A country-specific concept is generally not acceptable as it presents a barrier to your global growth now or in the near future.

3. Future view 

Simply put, can this concept grow or be improved with time and improvements in technology? A business system which leverages the internet & social media plus ticking off the box on the other two above-stated points definitely has the hallmark of having a great future view. This point infact might be a major determinant in your business outlook in the next 5 - 10 years.

After over 4 years of achieving moderate success by building my home-based business alongside my wife entirely offline we started searching for "the future system" of scaling our results and helping our team and partners achieve success as well. Our experience with "shiny" objects even though expensive ultimately sharpened our ability to "see through the fog" and ask the right questions.

If you're looking for how to build your business online maximising on all the tips above this 10-day free bootcamp is just what you need.

Thank me later ! 

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Buchi - March 13, 2018 Reply

I would want to know more about how to move my business forward. Thank you.

Pat & Tina - March 18, 2018 Reply

Hi Buchi,

I’ve sent you a direct email; kindly check and respond accordingly.

Precious Chioma - April 19, 2018 Reply

Shiny object ” this have been a source of distraction for some time, it’s sometimes hard to avoid.

But this article has put a clearer picture and am cleared on this area.

Thanks alot Mr Patrick

    Pat & Tina - April 19, 2018 Reply

    Thanks Precious. Indeed it’s a trend that is more than likely to persist for a while especially with technological advancements.
    It’s important to keep your focus on what really counts.

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